i • chord • ic:
art and design that vibes.


I'm Christopher Paul, a Florida-native graphic designer (and fairly subtle music-lover). Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but it was an unplanned switch from animation to commercial art courses in high school that brought about my interest in design. That interest was nurtured at the University of Central Florida, a growing hub for creative talent where I honed my skills in digital art, typography, and photography. Today, I use those skills to help others convey message and concept at their purest.

what i do.

My approach to design is about taking a message or concept, breaking it down to its essence, and relaying that essence in a way that elicits a strong response within its viewer. I believe that effective visual solutions should always connect and resonate with people at a core level, much like how musical harmonies touch the hearts of listeners in meaningful and unique ways. This philosophy is and has been my greatest tool in helping clients make their mark with their audiences, communities, and beyond.



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